Core Vocabulary Word Assessment

This past year I was going through the lessons and the students were doing great with the word or words during the lesson, but then as soon as we moved on to a new word they forgot many of the words that were not used all the time. So I decided that I needed to make up a core vocabulary board assessment, but I wanted to make it fun and not seem like a lot of work. Also, wanted to build it into my small group time. 

Here are some ways to use the core vocabulary board without the students knowing that you are assessing them. 

Using the light up wands from Target.

Use playdough and smash the words.

Use magnifying glasses to find the words.

Use the witch fingers to point to the words.

I also made a checklist and a blank one for you to fill in the core vocabulary words you need to assess. You can grab this freebie here

Core Vocabulary Board Word Assessment Checklist Freebie

The words are in the order of them presented in the core vocabulary board activities here.
Let's Get Talking! Core Vocabulary Board Activities for ECSE

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