We have a fabulous OT and here are a couple of activities we have done with a fabric tunnel and yoga ball that the kids LOVE! 
All of these activities are great for building their fine motor strength, core strength, balance, and coordination.

One of my students favorite activities is bouncing on the yoga ball. It is great for the core and balance and it is very relaxing for them too. 

Another fun activity is using pom poms you can have students sort them while laying on their stomach on the yoga ball, rolling themselves out and then rolling back. 

For this activity students sit in the chair and you roll the ball and they push with the ball back with two feet.

This activity the ball is rolled to the students and they push the ball back with two hands. 

For this activity we used jersey fabric and sewed it together into a jersey tunnel. Students can roll themselves up and unroll themselves. 

You can have students sit on their bottom and push the yoga ball through their tunnel with two feet. 

With a small ball students will push the small ball through with their two hands. 

Students can also crawl through the tunnel. 

Here is another low prep activity you can do with your students.

 All of these activities can easily be done in the classroom and storage is easy for the materials too! What are some of your favorite OT activities?!

Lastly here is a sensory bin FREEBIE for you! You can click the picture or here. 

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