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My kiddos LOVE pirates and so this year I decided to make a pirate ship dramatic play area and they LOVED it! 
I got a large box and made it into a ship. Nothing fancy but they thought it was great! I added a flag with old fabric. 

We also used the sand bin to find buried treasure.

In the dramatic play pack there is a template for students to make their own flag.

There is also a steering wheel option of color or black and white.

There are pirate jobs that I attach to a lanyard and the students take turns doing different jobs.

Some of the jobs are look out, pirate, captain, first mate, and cook. 

For the swabbie you can have students use these small brooms and mops to clean the deck. 

There is a great set from Melissa and Doug.

For the carpenter I had students use the tool set. 

You can find one here. 

You can have students make compasses or you can purchase some below. 

Lot Of 36 Assorted Color Mini Compass Toys

I made a treasure chest from a tissue box. For the treasure I used some beads we have gotten from parades.

You can find some similar here.
 Mardi Gras Disco Ball Beads 1 dozen

I had some play hats and a telescope but you can also make your own (hat template in packet). 

We made telescopes from paper towel rolls. 

Students can make a pirate map or there are templates for some.


There are also some pirate face templates for students to decorate and wear!

Another fun activity is walking the plank on a balance beam. 

If you have a sensory bin available you can put sand in it and put in plastic coins or more beads to dig through. 

Check out all these materials here.

Have a great  day! 

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Happy Earth Day! My kids LOVE hands on work box tasks. All of the the materials needed for these can be found in your house (great way to reuse items you have), dollar store, or Target Dollar Spot!

This puzzle is from the dollar store.  

Try to buy plastic eggs after Easter on clearance! 

You can find this FREEBIE here!

You can find this mat FREEBIE here. 

I got these abc and number sorting mats from Shuna at Pocketful of Littles.

I got these felt letter sticks and put them on foam. Great for tactile learners! 

I love these mats and how you can use them with magnetic letters, bottle caps with letters, or gems with letters! 

What are some of your favorite DIY work box tasks?!

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