1. New memory book. With students coming in and out all year long this year the paper bag memory book I did was difficult to keep organized, but this one looks A LOT easier!
I love this idea from @Easy Teaching Tools
Easy Memory Book
I've created the easiest memory book in the history of the universe...in my opinion at least! I get a lot of questions about my memory book set up so I made a list of answers here for you! No more memory book prep. for you because this easy memory book will change your life!
2. introducing nursery rhyme weekly and doing corresponding activity once a week. I have done this before but it has been a little while and it is time to bring it back! You can find this interactive book here. 
Pre-K and Kindergarten Nursery Rhyme Interactive Book

You can find nursery rhyme puzzle freebie here!

3. Reorganizing mailboxes to cause less chaos.
4. Having a core vocabulary board with ideas and suggestions for visitors. Grab the freebie below for that!
5. Assessing core vocabulary words every other week. Check that out FREEBIE here!
Core Vocabulary Board Word Assessment Checklist Freebie
6. Monthly Take Home Activities for parents to do and keep with their child. (More about that coming soon!) You can grab the FREEBIE for that here!
Monthly DIY Take Home Activities Freebies
7. Journal Writing- directed drawings and free drawings with options. I will still be using this format, but a little differently. You can find the topics here. 
Journal Topics for Preschool and ECSE
Here are the picture boards I am going to use with my kiddos too! You can check that out here!
Writing Journal Idea Boards
8. Doing a star of the week and not just show and tell. Grab the freebie note for that here or click on the picture. 
What changes will you be making for next year?!

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