The longer I have been in ECSE the younger the students are coming in. We can now get our kiddos at 2.5 years old. Here are some of our favorite go to items for them!

Teaching the 2 Year Old's Activities for All Year Long

All of the activities are hands on in this pack. Here is what is included:
Mystery Shape Rhyme
School Color Sort File Folder Game
Short vs. Long Pencil Sort
School Vocab. Smash Mat
School Magnifying Glass Match
Magnifying Glass Color Match
Worm Color Magnifying Glass Match
Halloween Flip It, Say It, Stamp It
Monster Sort By Color
Monster Sort by How Many Eyes
Pom Pom Monster Color Sort 
Monster Same Vs. Different
Candy Color Sort (2 ways)
Halloween Action Cards
White Ghost What Do You See?! Big Book
Candy Corn Color Matching
Witch's Brew Visuals
Sensory Bin Color Sorting Halloween Themed
Thanksgiving Smash and Stamp Mats
Sort Apples by Size
Christmas Magnifying Glass Matching
Magnifying Glass Mitten Match
Sorting Sea Animals by Color
Ocean Action Cards
Ocean Smash and Stamp Mats
Ocean Magnifying Glass Matching
Gingerbread Shape Rhyme
Candy Sort
Snowman Shape Nose Rhyme
Snowman Nose Shape Smash Mat
Marshmallow Shape Smash Mat
Marshmallow Shape Sort
Valentine’s Day Matching
Heart Smash Mat
Magnifying Glass Heart Matching
Tracing Heart Fine Motor Fun
Construction Pom Pom or Dough fill
Road Letters and Numbers
Matching Flowers
Farm Animal Action Cards
Big Red Barn What Do You See? Big Book
Paint a Pig
Jungle Vocabulary Word Activities (3)
Jungle Magnifying Glass Match
Sorting Animals by Size
Bubblegum Shape and Color Matching
Pizza Draw a Shape 
Pizza Sensory Bin
Magnifying Star Mat
Smash Star Mat
Same vs. different stars
Star match puzzles
Magnifying Glass Matching- Shamrocks, hearts, flowers
Caterpillar color match fine motor fun
Up, Up, and Away Letter Matching
Turtle Activities
Strawberry Activities
Go Together Sensory Bin Activity
Let's Plant a Garden Counting Game 1-12

Here are some of the activities in action, but also here are some other hands on, fun activities you can do with your kiddos!

Sorting bears.

Sorting by size.

Counting and one to one correspondence.

Magnifying glass activities.

You can find this freebie here.

Let's Plant a Garden! Counting Game 1-12 Freebie

The strawberry activities are in the mega pack or can be purchased separately here.

The turtle activities are in the mega pack above or can be purchased separately here.

Hammering golf tees.

Matching colors. This freebie is here.

We love the five little ducks and I made this fun retell stick. The ducks are from the Dollar Tree.

Students can sort these pictures by color. The strips are from the Target Dollar Spot. 

Letter Bags from Really Good Stuff. A fun way to begin to recognize words that begin with the letters.

What are some of your favorite activities to do with your little ones?!

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