So I have been using writing journals this year and. it has been fun to see my students drawing evolving. I have done directed drawings to serve as a model, but we also still do a lot of days with a free draw where we encourage the students to share what they are drawing. 
For the directed drawings I have kept them simple and have connected them with the theme of the week (apples, leaf, tree, acorn, etc.). It has been fun to see more and more students drawing the pictures. You can check out the way I set them up and the labels here. 
Journal Topics for Preschool and ECSE
For the free drawing students have been choosing more and more things to draw, which has also been fun to see! They are drawing favorite items, friends, and family, but after awhile it does begin to get repetitive. It is always a car or a certain person. To help getting them drawing a few more things during free draw. So I have made monthly journal writing idea boards to help facilitate a bit more variety. 

The color ones I am going to leave at the front of the board to give the students ideas of what to write about. 

Writing Journal Idea Boards

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