My kids and students LOVE kwik stix! They are mess free, can be used on many different surfaces, and are a fun alternative to paint or markers. 
I tried kwik stix on wax paper with my kids and it worked great. The finished products looked awesome to hang up on the window too!

I do recommend taping the wax paper to the table so it does not slide around. 

For back to school I am going to try painting with the kwik stix on wax paper. I am going to pre-cut buses and let them paint them. You could add

Kwik stix also has pencil grips that you can find on Amazon!

For your students that are still attempting to learn how to develop the correct pencil grasp. There are four different options depending on what your students need. You can find these on Amazon!

If you want to try kwik stix you can find them at
Walgreens, in stores and online 
 Michaels , online at Target , and on Amazon .

Thanks for stopping by and definitely check out kwik stix!

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Here are some things I do the first day to ease the transition into the first days of ECSE. 
1. Lots of playtime and movement. I go through the normal schedule but usually our circle time and/ or center time is shorter than normal (depends on how long they pay attention).  Circle time usually lasts about 10 minutes with the students saying their names, possible doing calendar, but we get up and dance a lot more than normal. Table time, whole group play time, and outside or sensory room are longer than normal. For my pm class I do not start work boxes until October so that the students have time to learn how to do centers and circle time. 
2. Have lots of easy to clean up and easy to do tasks for the kiddos. Put in tasks are great! Whole group play is usually cars and trucks because the majority of my kids love them.
3. Centers we do go through the motions of doing them and rotating, but each center is only about 5 minutes. We sit at the table, review some words that go with our theme or sing some simple songs. Fine motor is usually coloring, bingo daubers, or water color for their first day crowns, camera for bear hunt, or some other simple crafts. 
4. Wait to pull out all the fidgets and sensory items. I read through the IEPs but many times what I see in the classroom is very different than what the previous teacher had written. Also, many of my students returning have changed their likes and dislikes so I try to keep everything put away until I see what their needs are. 
5. Use table time to get your students changed, backpacks unpacked. See if during this time another adult can be in the room (speech path, OT, PT, etc.) to help keep students at the table or to help take one or two out to their locker to hang up their belongings. 
6. Keep stickies readily available to make notes about what you need to pull out for the next day or questions that may arise about a student that you may need to ask the parent about. 
7. Make a big deal about the big schedule and really emphasize when something is done and about to start! It amazes me how quickly the students learn the schedule, but if you don't emphasize what to do right away it will take them longer to learn. 
8. Make sure to talk to your aid before the day starts about what you want them to help you with. During table time do you want to be unpacking the backpacks or do you want to be keeping the kids at the table area?! During circle time do you want her to be sitting with certain students? Outside who is going to be standing where so that none of the students can run away? (our playground is not all fenced in and there are a couple of places the kids can run away). 
9. Have fun! It is exhausting, but stay calm and keep things simple! The schedule won't be followed perfect. Centers may be a disaster, but that is ok! Each day the kids will learn the routine and expectations a little easier than the day before and by the end of the year circle time will be about 20 minutes and centers will be about 9 minutes a center. 
Good luck and have fun!

Here are some of our favorite books! 

Wheels on the Bus (Raffi Songs to Read)
  Mouse Loves School
Pete the Cat: Rocking in My School Shoes
The Night Before Preschool
  David Goes To School
Pete the Cat: The Wheels on the Bus Board Book
  There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Books!
  How Do Dinosaurs Go To School?
Clifford Goes To Dog School (Clifford 8x8)
School (First Time)

You can also check out these back to school activities!

Here are some freebies to check out!

We have made paper plate apples.

 Sorting little people. You can find these cards here. 

School sensory bin (shredded paper). 

For some of my students adjusting to going back to school is an adjustment. You can find this social story to help with the adjustment here.

Good luck this school year!

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