Nursery rhymes or songs are a great way for students to learn core vocabulary words.
Here are some ideas on activities you can do!
 5 Little Monkeys Jumping on a Bed (on, off, no, more)
You can get five stuffed animals and reenact the song. For the bed you can use a box or lid of a tub. 
Three Little Kittens Lost Their Mittens (no, bad, what, here)
Have students act out the three little kittens and mama with real mittens. 
Jack Be Nimble (over)
Make a candlestick with a paper towel roll and a paper flame for students to jump over. 
Hickory Dickory Dock (up, down)
Have a clock and use different animals to re-enact the poem of them going up and down. 
My kids LOVE doing these activities because they are interactive and they enjoy the poems or songs a lot!
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Let's Learn About the Five Senses

This year we are going to be learning about our five senses. Here are some of the activities we are going to do! 

I had some containers filled with different items in them. The students shake the bottle and identify it and write the number above the item. 

Here is an adapted book where students identify the sense they would use.  

Also, here is work box tasks identifying the sense they would use for each item. 

Students will draw a card and identify the sense used and then daub it that color. 

Students will explore different textures. 

There is a pocket chart sorting activity. 

Students will explore the classroom and find the different items. 

There is eye color class graphing.

There are three emergent readers too. Take a peak into each below.

You can find all these activities and more here
Here are some of the books that we are going to be reading too. Click on the pictures to check them out. 
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