Just stopping by to share this fun math and fine motor freebie! Students will draw a number and then put that many items or spoonfuls into the turkey or gingerbread man's mouth. 

You can grab this freebie here.  Have a wonderful Sunday!

I have lots of freebies for you! Enjoy!

Here are some fun monster dough mats. You could use wiki stix too. 

Monster Dough Mats
You can grab these Halloween tag and parent note here. 

You can find these mini eraser mats here. They are great for one to one correspondence and for fine motor practice. You can have students use tongs to put the erasers on or just their fingers. All of the erasers pictured are from Target. If you don't have erasers you can always use pom poms too. 

Lastly, is these abc and number sticker matching sheets. It is a great use of those random abc stickers that you don't have full sets of. I asked family members who scrapbook for extra abc stickers that they no longer want. 
ABC and Number Sticker Matching Sheets
I hope the start of the school year is going well for everyone!

I can't believe summer is almost done! Here are a couple of freebies that I have been meaning to post these all summer and just have not gotten to it so here you go! 

You can grab these fish counting mats here.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the rest of your summer!

At the start of the school year circle time with my kiddos is super short! Here is the routine we go through and as the year goes on we add a little more to it. By the end of the year it can be about 25 minutes long. A second circle time is done after outside or sensory room and this circle time is no more than 10 minutes. At that circle time we do a whole group activity and/or work specifically on core vocabulary. 
Here's a peak at what we do:
We practice saying their name and if they are ready age and birthday. Some students may just respond to their name at the start, but the ultimate goal is for the students to say their first and last name. 
Then, a special helper is chosen. The first week of school I am the special helper to show the students how to run circle time. Our special helper changes daily. 
Special helper gets to put up the calendar number, point to the days of the week during the song and months of the year. Then, we sing the ABC's, say the abc's and count to 10 and when the students are ready to 20 or beyond. Towards the end of the year students are given a folder to point along to these items as well. 

Then, we get up and dance. At the start of the year I pick out the songs, but as the year progresses and the students are familiar with most of the songs the special helper gets to pick out the songs. I try to use song visuals as much as possible for this. 
Tip: Keep all of your song visuals in one area and accessible to find. Keep sensory items in a tub as well so they can quickly be given out if needed. 
Then, we finish with a story and then break out to centers. 
At the start of the year some of the items may be skipped or broken up with a song in between if the kids need to get up and move, but by November or December the kiddos are able to run circle time themselves!

Students will match the wheels to the bus. You can find this freebie here. 

My kiddos love singing the Color Song. Here is a book that coordinates with it. 

Also, you can create a Preschool Memory Book. You can add your own photos of the students or have the students illustrate it monthly. You can find that here.

Lastly, this year I am going to be giving my students silly straw balloons for their birthdays. You can grab them here. 

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great start to the school year!

Here are some low prep and fun activities to try with your kiddos!

Hole Punch Numbers 1-10.

You can grab this freebie here. 

If you use handwriting without tears you can cut different types of fabric and have students "sand" the lines and curves and letters. 

Students can bead the stem of the flower and work on counting. 

Cut up pipe cleaners and then have students use tongs to put the sprinkles on the donut. 

Pick a number and add that many rays to the sun.

Feed the bird 'worms' with tongs.

You can find these by clicking the picture below or click here. 

Another fun idea I got from Ashley at Just Reed and Play was opening and closing curlers. save the picture below and put on a tray. Divide the tray in half with painter's tape (easy to remove). Students open and close the curlers (bought from the Dollar Tree. 

Last, but not least these fun lock and key shape matching activity. This idea and the freebie came from Jamie at Play to Learn Preschool. 

You can find these freebies here

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Every year I reflect on what I can do differently. I am fortunate enough to know most of my pm students and can figure out what will work and not work well for them. The morning class I have to wait but based on the previous year I make notes in my lesson plans as to what worked and what didn't. 

Changes for Next Year:
1. Instead of letter of the week in alphabetical order we are going to be doing a mystery letter and it will be in the order of handwriting without tears.
2. Sending home mystery bucket and number bucket.
3. Writing is going to be more of a fine motor time to build my student's hand strength for writing, but once a week we will do writing.
4. Starting class books and then sending them in a book bag program to share with parents. 
The book bag note and idea came from Kimberly at Live, Laugh, Love Kindergarten. You can read more about it here.
5. Communication pages (friends played with, toys played with, book read, and if we played outside or in the sensory room). 

As these items are created I will make sure to share them with you this summer! 
Do you reflect on your previous year? If so, what changes do you plan on making?!

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