October Freebies

I have lots of freebies for you! Enjoy!

Here are some fun monster dough mats. You could use wiki stix too. 

Monster Dough Mats
You can grab these Halloween tag and parent note here. 

You can find these mini eraser mats here. They are great for one to one correspondence and for fine motor practice. You can have students use tongs to put the erasers on or just their fingers. All of the erasers pictured are from Target. If you don't have erasers you can always use pom poms too. 

Lastly, is these abc and number sticker matching sheets. It is a great use of those random abc stickers that you don't have full sets of. I asked family members who scrapbook for extra abc stickers that they no longer want. 
ABC and Number Sticker Matching Sheets
I hope the start of the school year is going well for everyone!

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