Home Learning Activities for ECSE

I hope you are all well. I know right now I have been feeling an overwhelming roller coaster of emotions. There are so many questions and worries and unknowns, but through this all just remember to Breathe and remind yourself what you have to be grateful for. (This is a reminder for myself to do this too!)

I know many of us are navigating through home learning, remote learning, distance learning or whatever your district likes to call it. 

ECSE is tricky to plan for when it comes to this. Many parents do not have time to prep and make everything hands on, but here are a few packets I have that I consider low prep and are great resources for parents. You are welcome to email these to parents or set them up in a google classroom. Please just make sure they are only accessible to your student's families. Thank you!

Core Vocabulary Board Activities for Home

  Core Vocabulary Activities for Home

Preschool Parent Handout Ideas

Preschool Parent Handouts: Ideas for Parents to do at Home with their Child

And here is a FREEBIE! 
Monthly DIY Take Home Activities, but they can easily be done at any time. 

Monthly DIY Take Home Activities Freebies

I hope these help a little!

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